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Toyota Prius C Aqua NHP10

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 68630
(Vehicle Yard)
Make/Model:   Toyota Prius C Aqua, NHP10
VIN: 7AT0H65YX21450253
Engine:   NA
Transmission:   NA
Year:   2015
Date In Stock:   1 Oct 2021
Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase
The parts below have already been sold
    Air Bag Clock Spring  
    Airbag Steering Column  
    Brake Booster  
    Cigarette Lighter  
    Combination Switch  
    Dash Assy Complete  
    Dash Lower Panel  
    Dash Lower Panel  
    Front Bumper Centre  
    Front Bumper Grille Lower  
    Front Bumper Grille Lower  
    Front Upper Radiator Support Finisher  
    Fuse Cover  
    Glove Box (Upper)  
    Hub Cap  
    Hub Cap  
    Hybrid Battery  
    Ignition Key Transponder  
    Ignition Lock Assembly  
    Jack Assembly  
    Jack Handle  
    L Tail Light  
    LF Door Elec Mirror (8 Wire)  
    LF Door Trim Elec  
    LF Guard Liner Clips  
    LF Quarter Glass  
    LH Chassis Extension  
    LR Bumper Retainer  
    LR Bumper Retainer  
    LR Door Quarter Glass  
    LR Door Shell  
    Misc Item  
    Misc Item  
    Misc Item  
    Misc Item  
    R Spotlight  
    Rear Bumper Cover  
    Rear Parcel Tray  
    RF Door Complete  
    RF Door Elec Mirror  
    RF Door Trim Elec  
    RF Guard Liner  
    RF Guard/Fender  
    RF Quarter Glass  
    RF Quarter Glass Rubber  
    RH Chassis Extension  
    RR 1/4 Glass Rubber Seal  
    RR Bumper Retainer  
    RR Bumper Retainer  
    RR Door Quarter Glass  
    RR Door Shell  
    RR Guard Vent  
    Steel Road Wheel  
    Steering Column Shroud Lower  
    Steering Column Shroud Upper  
    Steering Column Shrouds  
    Stereo Surround / Bezel  
    Tool Kit  

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